How does it work?

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Immediately upon installation of new windows, our experienced technicians apply WPG1000, by roller, directly unto the glass. Its fast-drying component ensures no delays, allowing other tradesmen to work fast, without the difficulties and waste currently associated with traditional protection methods.

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Frames can also be included for protection at this stage, with the application of a non-residue tape, prior to application of WPG1000.  When all site works have been completed, the tape is removed along with the protective coating, reducing the risk of any scratches or damages.


lasts up to 12 months

Unlike other glass protection products WPG1000 will not blow off in wet and windy weather and lasts for up to 12 months, preventing damage by mortar, plaster, paint etc. It saves time and money. 

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easy to remove

On completion of building works WPG1000 simply peels off in one go, taking all debris/splashes with it, leaving windows completely dirt and damage free.  

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